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In Vivo


In Vivo is the fifth temporary outdoor exhibition organized by Z·inc Artist Collective at Darts Hill Garden Park. Z·inc & Friends invite the public to experience this spectacular natural setting in poetic and unexpected ways.

There will be an Artist Talk session on Saturday, July 15 at 2-3pm in the meet-and-greet area at Darts Hill Garden. Polly Gibbons, Cora Li-Leger, Marcus Macdonald and Sophie Macdonald will give short talks about their installations.


On Sunday, June 11, Z·inc celebrated the opening of “In Vivo” with Artist Talks in the meet-and-greet area at Darts Hill Garden 2-3pm, followed by a guided tour of the exhibition 3-4pm. Many of the artists were present.

Site Map

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In Process

Lesley Garratt – “Multitudes”