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Lesley Garratt – Life Giving Cones


“In 2021, the Darts Hill Garden Conservancy Trust Society was pleased to sponsor ‘Resplendent’, a temporary art display in the garden. Z·inc and invited artists continued to explore new ways of making art in this spectacular natural setting. Using a variety of materials, the artists created installations – evocative, contemplative, and beautiful – that provided novel ways for visitors to experience the garden!”

Elizabeth Carefoot — Seed Pod Bursting

I collect seed pods everywhere I travel. Some have strange barbs and bumps and look as if they come from an alien planet, others with their smooth shiny skin beg to be handled – but they are all precious, holding the next generation of plants within them. On occasion, one of my seed pods decides it’s time to burst, and I get a shower of seeds scattered everywhere. This seed dispersal was the inspiration for my artwork.

Willa Downing — Wood Wide Web

Embedded in the world, we are all part of an entangled web.

(twigs, yarn, dental mirrors)

Lesley Garratt — Life-Giving Cones

This sculptural form hanging in an old Magnolia tree is bound together with a cluster of conifer cones that I collected in the fall and dried over the winter. I have found that cones are fascinating little woody sculptures in themselves specifically designed for procreation. They are truly one of the resplendent miracles of nature.

Cora Li-Leger — homagecreated in collaboration with Jan Storer

In the words of Robin Wall Kimmerer (Braiding Sweetgrass): “In some Native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us.’”

And in the ancient traditions of tree-wrapping, we pay our respect.

(plant material, thread, tulle)

Cora Li-Leger — nothing straightforward on a circuitous journey 

(pine needles and thread)

Claire Moore — A Conversation with Ivy 

A pandemic long conversation with ivy – learning about resilience, passage of time, adaptation, tensile strength, co-habitation and relationships in urban ravines.

(Ivy, oak and maple suckers, bamboo and wood)

Guest Artists

Cora Li-Leger –  homage – created in collaboration with Jan Storer