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Claire Moore — The Balancing Act …….Stop and  — collaboration with Eduardo Meneses-Olivar


For Understory, a Z·inc invitational, we installed many varied projects throughout Darts Hill Garden for a one-month period.

The garden provided each of us with a uniquely rich environment to inspire experimentation, exploration, and integration of our respective works on the spectacular grounds.

Understory offered a new way for regular visitors to experience the garden, as well as an opportunity to bring new visitors to Darts.

Elizabeth Carefoot — Gaia

Gaia, the ancestral mother of all life in Greek mythology, is the spiritual embodiment of the earth. My version of Gaia is placed in the garden to welcome visitors as they enter

Elizabeth Carefoot — Celebration

I intended these celebratory tree adornments to be a joyous addition to this natural environment. The bright colours and fluttering ribbons are meant to delight and amuse the passerby if only for a brief moment.

Willa Downing — Kneecosystem

This stand of knees forms an interconnected community of beings, while also referencing a dialogue between the natural and the human-made.

Lesley Garratt — Pulse

I’ve placed a red, knotted hanging on the arm of the Endangered Spanish Fir, Abies pinsapo. Here, the red feels to me like the lifeblood of nature but also references IUCN’s Red List that is a critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity.

Claire Moore — The Balancing Act …….Stop and  — collaboration with Eduardo Meneses-Olivar

Co-existing harmoniously with other life forms demands a delicate balancing act. We invite you to focus your attention by using the goggles which although boxlike in appearance offer an actual, not a virtual reality experience. Find a bench in the garden and enjoy.

(viewed through ‘eye boxes’ – Clay, wire, printed boxes.)

Deb Putman and Tracie Stewart —Tying the Knot

Right over left, left over right is the dance of tail around post, which forms the square/healing knot. The knot symbolizes such things as acts of unifying one to another, as in hand-fasting, or infinite life death cycles.

Nests, seeds, pods, cones, all elements of birth are signifiers of the gift of beginning from an ending. Crossing the threshold of the sentinel trees, we walk in reflection of our marriage to the earth.

Guest Artists

Elizabeth Carefoot

Z·inc gratefully acknowledges the support of the City of Surrey’s Cultural Grants Program and the Darts Hill Garden Conservancy Trust Society.