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Objects For Pondering

Welcome to Objects for Pondering, an art gallery made of boxes on a library cart.

These boxes contain a touchable art exhibition. Look not only with your eyes, but with your hands and fingers.


To inspire your curiosity, the boxes are labeled to reflect the contents. All these boxes benefit from conversation. So if you’re with someone, try “checking out” a box together.

After checking out a box, you will be directed to a spot where you can open the box and see what is waiting inside. When finished handling, looking and pondering, you are welcome to come back to check out another box – and another and another! If you wish, please ask for an interactive booklet to fill in as you explore and enjoy.

Here are a few ideas to think about as you examine the objects:
· What surprises you?
· How are the objects alike? How are they different from each other?
· Name the objects.
· What materials are they made of and where do you think they come from?
· What comes into your head – do any of the objects remind you of something else?
· Could or would you rename this box?

z·inc artist collective: Willa Downing, Lesley Garratt, Cora Li-Leger, Claire Moore
invited artists: Rose Burden, Gina Chase, Edith Krause, Keely O’Brien, Jan Storer
with: Elizabeth Carefoot, Carole Driver & Jenna Hardy

In Process

In the Library